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A Complete Solution for your 3rd Party Utility Billing Organization

An alternative to your existing utility billing solution that:

1) reduces your per-invoice-cost by at least 20%

2) gives you ownership and access to all of your data, 
3) better aligns to the uniqueness of the 3rd party utility billing space

Save Time & Unlock New Business

Operating across different jurisdictions means managing different regulations. Managing and implementing different prices and and rules across those regions is much easier with the flexibility of Dynamics Billing.


Interested in incorporating a new property, a new service, offering convergent billing or setting up shop in a new State? Dynamics Billing makes it easy for you to grow your business.

Time Machine & Rollback

Calculate adjustments with a few simple clicks. No more manual calculations. Let Dynamics Billing automatically determine the credit and apply it to the customer's next invoice.

In addition to validation measures like zero-read and other error-flagging reports, Dynamics Billing has an “undo” button. If your invoice preview doesn’t look right, you can reverse a bill run, correct the error and re-run it with a click of a button.

RUBS Allocation Billing


Manage any RUBS Billing formula with support for an unlimited number of variables and uncompromising control.


Easily load meter reads, check for errors, and process bills.

Estimated Billing


Automatically calculate estimated charges based on the criteria you configure 


Convergent Billing


Bill for anything: rent, monthly dues reminders, one time, usage and fixed charges.  Parking, trash, pest, maintenance, pet fees, internet, cable or any other billable activity can be managed by Dynamics Billing

Be Ready for Any Question

No matter what your role is, all the data you need is right at your fingertips. Your service reps can dazzle customers with prompt and accurate responses every time, for any question they might ask.

Your Data is Your Data


Concerned about security? Your Instance of Dynamics Billing - including all of your data - is YOURS - not shared. This means complete data privacy, customizable views for each user type, the ability to import/export data freely, no performance issues or crashes due to shared usage, detailed audit logs, and more.



With an array of Analytical Tools including pre-configured utility reports, a custom report-builder wizard, and a state-of-the-art graphical analytics engine (Microsoft Power BI), there won’t be a cent that you can’t trace.

Meter-to-Cash in One System

Dynamics Billing is equipped with full payment processing integration. Using the Account Portal, your clients can view invoices, make payments and self-manage account details. Consolidate the entire front end of your business with one solution.


Dynamics Billing is an open solution. From basic file import/export to direct API integration. We integrate (and can integrate) with Property Management solutions, meter reading solutions, accounting solutions, external reporting solutions and anything else your business may require.

630 Million+  Charges Calculated

7000+ Hours Saved

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